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Welcome to baby-love books, the publishing home of the, "Mama, Talk About..." series.
"Mothers are always asking me if there are any books about waterbirth to prepare older siblings. Toni Olson and illustrator, S. Marie Carlson have finally given us the very book that every mother and father will love. Sensitively written, beautifully illustrated and short to hold a toddler's attention, it is a treasure. Thank you, Toni, for sharing Max's birth with the world." 
Barbara Harper, author Gentle Birth Choices and founder of Waterbirth International​​

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​"The illustrations are distinctive and intriguing...  Mama, Talk About When Max Was Born demystifies homebirth for children and is a sweet, tender look at the very precious time in the life of a family..."
Heather Brock, birth n babies magazine

"Mama, Talk About When Max Was Born is a fun, insightful book about a beautiful home water birth. The story is easy to read and is enjoyable for young children. It also is a good tool to have to prepare older siblings for home births. The illustrations are lovely with bright colors and fantastic images. Overall, a must have for anyone having a home birth!" 
-Glenda, Wisconsin

"Mama, Talk About When Max Was Born is a beautifully crafted children's book that has fun, lively pictures and a wholesome narration from mother to child about having a water birth at home. A book like this is a rare find for families looking to talk to their kids about an upcoming birth and what to expect, and it can set the stage for children to understand the road ahead as well as ask questions and be involved with the birth experience. I look forward to adding this children's book to my family's collection!"                                                                                                                                    -Anna, California

"A very touching story that shows the love and excitement of a big sister for the birth of her new little brother. This is a great alternative for families that want to show their children different ways that babies can be born. A must have children's book for past as well as future home birth families."                                                      -Tia, North Carolina, home-birthing mom

I am so grateful to have this book available to the families that I serve. Your children’s book "Mama, Talk About When Max Was Born" depicted the beauty, normalcy, and high level of care that is typical in a planned, low-risk homebirth with midwives.The narrative is appropriate for the young children for whom you wrote, while the depictions and personal storyline make it equally useful as a teaching tool for expecting families and the public. Every public and school library in the country should have this book on their shelves. Thank you for sharing your passion with birthing families everywhere.  
Love and gratitude,
Nicole Wocelka, Student Midwife
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